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“I learned all about life, with a ball at my feet.” – Ronaldinho

Football is not a game played on paper. It never has been. But to underestimate the value of paper to the sport is to undermine its integrity. The game lives and breathes because of money from news circulation and coverage, and there is not a touchline coach without a notebook of tactical scrawling.

Well On Paper is a website created by writers with a love for football and a passion for good reporting. Some of us are training in the field, and some are just voicing their opinions. Above all else, we are all fans.

Likewise, as much as we love writing, we know we are nothing without our readers, and we encourage you to get involved in the debate via the comments section and social media.

We are always looking to improve our site and add new writers to what we hope will remain an ever growing network.

Thank you for all your support.




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