Will Neymar finally raise himself to Messi and Ronaldo’s level at PSG?

Neymar has seemingly left Barcelona for PSG in a world record fee that could equal to £200 million if some sources are to be believed, unofficially confirmed by fellow Barcelona forwards, Leo Messi and Luis Suarez via their social media.

Neymar’s future at Barcelona came under the spotlight weeks ago, but it seemed like his move to PSG would not happen after Pique posted a picture of them both with the caption ‘he stays’. This however, doesn’t appear to be the case and the Brazilian wingers move will easily eclipse Paul Pogba as the world’s most expensive player.

It seems that the main motivation behind the move, was to take his career up a level, and to become the focal point of a team, and perhaps, increase his chances of becoming the world’s greatest player. At Barcelona, he was part of the attacking trio ‘MSN’ with Suarez, arguably the greatest striker in the world, and Messi, arguably the greatest player in history. This was however, undoubtedly Messi’s team. Looking from the outside in, it seems Neymar felt he would forever be in Messi’s shadow in Catalonia, a view shared by many fans and pundits alike

PSG have brought Neymar to elevate them on to the very highest levels of club football in Europe, a platform that, at the moment, only three European giants share. PSG’s ambition is to join Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich as the teams to beat in the UCL.

Since the Quatrain take over in 2011, PSG have never made it passed the quarter finals, even when possessing serious talent in their squad with the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimović, Di Maria and Cavani, so the question for Neymar has to be: Can he take them to the semis and beyond? Can he win it for the Parisian Giants? Can he be the catalyst for that final step and drive PSG to the panicle of European football? By doing this could be get the recognition he craves and emulate mentor Lionel Messi and the other giant of European football Cristiano Ronaldo?  Undoubtedly both Neymar and PSG believe he can achieve this.

Meanwhile Barcelona now find themselves lacking a world class wide player, but with the fee of Neymar pushing the boundaries of transfer fee’s  to never before seen levels, the cost of the players that Barca will want to replace him will now sky rocket? Coutinho, Dybala, Dortmund’s Dembele, the teenager Kylian Mbappe are just some of the players who have been linked with Barca and undoubtedly the price of these players has now just sky rocketed.

Mourinho who is no stranger to spending big (breaking the world record for Pogba, last summer) claimed “Neymar is not expensive, but the consequences will cause problems”. It begs the question, has football reached a peak? When will Fifa Fair play actually do anything to combat the massive amount being spent at the moment on transfer fees, or will market forces continue to dominate.

Featured image curtesy of behind the scenes


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